Monday, September 20, 2010

October's Spooky, Scary Events in Jefferson, Texas

So you wanna be scared do you? You want to see ghosts and goblins and have things go bump in the night. Well, I can't think of a better place to go then right here to Jefferson, Texas, the most haunted town in Texas.

The Historic Jefferson Railway has been closed for most of September so that they can retool the ride for Halloween. The steam train will reopen the first week of October for Terror on the Bayou. You'll get the willies walking through the spooktacular Creepy Screamin' Corn Maze, now more than an acre, which includes a walk through the Piney Woods, the Haunted Cemetery and culminates with the infamous 100 foot underground Tunnel of Doom. The Runaway Fright Train will feature the Midnight Stalker as he chases the children through the dark and spooky woods! The scenes and haunters along the railroad track will keep you at the edge of your seat and give you a laugh now and then, too.

The Grove, a real live haunted house, will be open for tour as well. Texas Monthly has named this house as the 8th most haunted place in Texas and people have been experiencing (hearing, smelling, feeling) strange things in this house for over 100 years. Tours of this spooky little house will be available by reservation only during the month of October. Call us and we would be more then happy to help you make those reservations for your visit to the Carriage House Bed and Breakfast.

There are only a few rooms left for the weekends of October and Halloween weekend. Please call us at 903-665-9511 to make your reservation or go to our website at http://www.carriagehousejefferson/ to take a look at our rooms and book online in real time.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sunday Night Test Kitchen

For some reason, I have been suffering from a writers block recently. I have sat here and stared at the screen not knowing what to write. I have been blank. Stuck. Empty. I have not even been able to come up with a topic to write about. Blank. Stuck. Empty.

I just took another phone call inquiring about our Sunday Night Test Kitchen. Unfortunately, we have had to our suspend our Sunday Night Test Kitchen until first of October due to ...a puppy. I know. I know. How can a business operation be suspended for a puppy?

Sunday afternoon is the quietest part of the week. All of our weekend folks have already gone home and our weekday folks have not shown up. So Ladybug, the pup, and I head out for puppy school at 3:15 Sunday afternoon for an hour of learning. I consider this staff training. Every business needs to have a well trained staff that knows how to perform (behave) when duty calls. We are no different. Dixie, the old lady Golden Retriever, knows when to sit, stay, lay down, and roll over on command. Ladybug has to get to the same place.

Ladybug and I graduate the first week of October and we will resume the Sunday Night Test Kitchen again. Call (903) 665-9511 to reserve your spot today.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Fun Events in Jefferson Texas

Are you still looking for something to do this Labor Day holiday? Jefferson will be alive with activity this weekend. Last week, I posted a list of things going on here in Jefferson and I am going to add to that list this week.

The 2nd Annual Classic Car Show benefiting the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Dept will be on Saturday, September 4th from 9am to 3pm at The Jefferson Transportation Center on Austin St. There will be 24 trophies in 12 classes. If you are interested in participating, please call 903-665-9900 or go to Roys Toys and Trains.

Our newest favorite business will be having their Grand Opening on Saturday as well. Jefferson Pedal Power offers bicycles, tricycles, tandems, a surrey and even a "bicycle built for two" for rent by the hour. Between the hours of 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., guests can munch on hot dogs, sip ice cold lemonade and enjoy some fresh watermelon. Free bicycle surrey rides will be offered that day for a leisurely tour along the historic brick streets of Jefferson. For more information call (903) 926-5167.

We still have a few rooms available this weekend. Don't forget that if you stay Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you get $50 off your total stay.

Have a great last weekend of Summer!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fun Things to do In Jefferson, TX on Labor Day

Have you considered what you are going to do this Labor Day Weekend? Why don't you come out to Jefferson and get away from it all. Here is a quick list of things that I came up with to do Labor Day weekend.Bulleted List
  • Ride a steam train down the banks of the Big Cypress Bayou or listen to ghost stories on the evening Ghost Train.

  • Now that you have seen the bayou from it's banks. Now take a boat tour and see it from the water and learn all of the wonderful history of the old riverport, Jefferson.

  • Shop in Jefferson's many antique stores and boutiques.

  • Take a carriage ride through the historic district and see all of the beautiful antebellum homes and learn their storied history.

  • Visit our many museums. Whether your interest lies in antique cars of Gone with the Wind, there is something for you.

  • Enjoy an ice cream or a root beer float at the Jefferson General Store.

  • Ride a steamboat out on the swamps of Caddo Lake and see some of the most beautiful and unusual scenery of Texas.

  • Go hiking along the shores of Caddo Lake or rent a kayak and explore the many bayous and sloughs that comprise the Caddo Lake area.

  • Go Fishing. Lake o the Pines has some of the best fishing in this part of Texas.

  • Stay at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast. The Carriage House comes to mind and we still have some availability for the weekend. Please call us at 903-665-9511 to make a reservation

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun with the Pulpwood Queens

This past Tuesday night, Tom and I attended the final Summer Book and Author Series put on by Kathy Patrick and the Pulpwood Queens book club. We had a blast and I couldn't wait to tell all of you about it. The featured novelist at this amazing event was David Marion Wilkinson. I can tell you that a good time was had by all!

David's discussed his book, "Not Between Brothers" while we slipped along the waters of the Big Cypress Bayou on Johnny Nance's Turning Basin Bayou Tour boats. Although the evening was hot, the topic was cool.

The book, Not Between Brother, details life in Texas between the 1820s and the 1860s.

Here is a recap of the novel from Publishers Weekly.

Spanning three decades in the early 19th century that saw the birth and early years of the Independent Republic of Texas, this well crafted, gripping first novel portrays three cultures-Mexican, white immigrant and Comanche-in bloody collision. In 1826, lured by the promise of land and freedom, ambitious young Louisianian Remy Fuqua joins the tide of white immigration to Texas, where the Mexicans and Comanches already have strong roots. Remy's marriage to Beatrice, daughter of a wealthy Mexican family, brings both joy and pain, for he must give up his Anglo life. During a Comanche raid, Beatrice and their three children are captured by Kills White Bear, a brutal war chief. Although Remy rescues his wife and daughter, he loses both sons; one is killed, the other is kept by Kills White Bear and raised as his own child. Remy's life is further shaken when Beatrice bears the Comanche chief's son. Through the years, Remy fights alongside Sam Houston for Texan independence, rides with the new Texas Rangers against the Comanche and struggles to keep his family together. Texas's secession from the Union in 1861 finally forces Remy to flee west, into a dramatic confrontation with Kills White Bear, the two sons they claim in common and Beatrice.

Oh by the way, David loves wedding cake and said the he will crash a wedding just for the cake. So we all had a special treat that night of wedding cake and home made ice cream. YUM!

We still have a couple of rooms left for Girlfriend Weekend, January 13th - 16th. Early Bird ticket sales have been brisk according to Kathy Patrick and all tickets go up to regular pricing on September 1. So purchase your tickets now.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pardon Our Dust - More Remodeling.

Sometimes I feel like I am living an episode of "This Old House". In fact, I wish I had the budget and the contractors that they have on "This Old House". We are beginning another couple of phases of remodeling this week. The house may look a little unfinished for a while but the completed product will be fabulous.

Here is a short list of projects ahead of us for the remainder of 2010 and the first half of 2011.
  • Repair and repaint the walls of the Diamond Bessie. We will be painting the walls a rich brown.

  • Repair and repaint the walls of the Ruth Lester (f.k.a Jewel Room). Don't worry, we are staying the same color.

  • Repair and repaint all exterior walls of all 3 buildings. We begin work on this tomorrow.

  • Repair and repaint all porches.

  • Replace all pedestal sinks with cabinet sinks for more counter top space.

  • Install bathroom amoires in the Diamond Bessie, the Ruth Lester and the Ladybird Cottage

  • Replace claw foot tubs in the Allen Urquhart and Ruth Lester with jacuzzi whirlpool claw foot tubs. This one is my personal favorite.

  • Blow up and completely redo the kitchen. This is a big one!!!
Phew! This is a lot of work. I am not looking ofrward to all of the dust and tripping over the trades. However, the end product will be fabulous.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Riverport Ambassadors

This past July 4th weekend, the City of Jefferson introduced the Riverport Ambassadors program. What are the Riverport Ambassadors you ask? The Riverport Ambassadors are "persons in character."

The Riverport Ambassadors wander up and down the streets of the Historic Riverfront District and introduce our visitors to what life was like back in 19th century Jefferson. You can see Civil War heroes, scalawags, railroad tycoons, clerks, church ladies, steam boat captains or other wonderful characters.

The Riverport Ambassador Program were created to enhance the “Riverport Experience” of Jefferson, Texas. They do so by having fun and dressing in period costume. All Riverport Ambassadors try to interact one-on-one with our guests and visitors. The mission of the Riverport Ambassadors is to promote tourism, support businesses and interpret the history of Jefferson.

The Riverport Ambassadors were so successful July 4th that they will be out every weekend starting the first weekend of September and continuing on until May. There is no better way for you or your children to learn about the wonderful riverport history of Jefferson then through the recreation of that history by the Riverport Ambassadors.

For more information, please contact us here at the Carriage House at 903-665-9511